For more than two decades, I have scoured the world to find effective nutritional ingredients that can have a measurable impact on human health.

Each year, scientifc studies show a handful of individual ingredients offer signifcant promise to improve our health and wellness. Unfortunately, these promising discoveries are almost always followed by a wait of two, three, and sometimes five years before these clinically studied ingredients make it into products that people can buy, use, and benefit from.

That’s why we created a new brand—one that stands for F1RST in quality, science and nutrition. Most importantly, one that stands for being F1RST with the best.

We work closely with research teams to bring these promising new ingredients to you— first. Each product uses the exact ingredient form tested in those trials, at the exact dosage tested in pure form, delivered in vegetarian capsules for rapid availability.

Here's to being F1RST.

Greg Horn, FOUNDER