What Does It Do?

Healthy Eyes and Skin*

Lutein is a powerful natural antioxidant found in green leafy vegetables, an important part of the Mediterranean diet. In the body, lutein is known to concentrate in the macula of the eye to support eye health and also in the skin to provide antioxidant protection and to support healthy skin.*

Lycotec’s patented Carocelle process starts with plant-based lutein and zeaxantin and builds natural micelle structures around lutein molecules to enrobe them in lipid coating at the microscopic level for significantly enhanced absorption. In clinical tests, MedVitál® Bio-Lutein was shown to have superior bioavailability when compared to regular lutein supplements.

Superior Bioavailability

Lutein’s role in eye and in protecting skin from sun-induced damage are well known. Researcher and practicing cardiologist Dr. Ivan Petyaev, MD PhD invented the Carocelle® technology that unlocks lutein’s potential through enhanced bioavailability, so that your body absorbs more lutein.

Lutein-Absorption in nM

Key Benefits

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts

Other ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Iron Oxides (Color), Titanium Dioxide (Color). Contains Soy.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, one capsule daily with a large glass of water.

Warning: Consult your physician prior to taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition.

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The Science of the Mediterranean Diet

carocelle process is patent pending, manufactured under license from Lycotec Ltd. Cambridge, UK.

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